About Us


NetSpotsmedia was founded in 2013 as a one-man internet consulting firm in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Today, Netspotmedia has grown into a full-fledged IT Consulting firm with services including website development, graphic design, internet marketing and website support. We have developed and supported over 900 websites and countless campaigns for our clients in all industries from local startups to international companies.

we build brands that matter


A brand is so much more than a logo or a color. It’s how people feel and perceive your business, its products, and services. We aim to create brands that leave impressions that last for a lifetime.

Social Media Campaign

Social media give each us the power to converse, share and connect with each other. Knowing what your audience talk about and why allow you to reach strategically insights and help you to gain new leads.

Public Relations

If you don’t take care of your partners, someone else will. We know how to assist you with your relationships, analyze and prevail, prevent or solve existing complications regardless if they are internal or external.

Commision Tracking

Put the focus on the student. With intelligent, your education counsellors will be in sync to focus their time on increasing revenue.